CSA Hong Kong & Macau Summit 2022

In a complex and hybrid world, enterprises must consider the challenges of increased real-time system complexity, the need for new cybersecurity policy and strong cultural support that is required to securely operate systems. As cyber risk has increased significantly across many organizations, the old adage of “trust, but verify” is no longer practical. The growing interest and movement toward Zero Trust architectures in the past few years has shifted this approach to the more accurate, “never trust, always verify”.

At the Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong & Macau Summit 2022, the implications of an emerging, rich and diverse solutions landscape and the challenges to an organization’s ability to ultimately deliver a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) will be thoroughly discussed by expert speakers. Recommendations on how industry can improve collaboration among key stakeholder groups will also be offered to accelerate both enterprise leaders and security practitioners’ adoption of Zero Trust into their environments.  

DATE:                October 12, 2022 (Wednesday)

TIME:                10:00 am – 5:00 pm

FORMAT:          Online webiner with live presentation

LANGUAGE:      English / Cantonese / Mandarin (depends on the speaker)


10:00     Welcome Remark
Claudius Lam, Chairman, Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong & Macau Chapter

10:05     Opening Address – The Cloud Security Alliance Roadmap [View Presentation]
Jim Reavis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Security Alliance

10:25     Modernising Security and Enabling Cloud Journey [View Presentation]
Jason Pun, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (Cyber Security and Digital Identity), Office of the Government Chief Information Officer

10:45     Cybersecurity strategies on Incident Response to Protect your Organization [View Presentation]
Otto Lee, Deputy Head, HKCERT

11:15     Cybersecurity Laws in Macau [View Presentation]
Terry Cheung, Deputy Chairman – Macau, Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong & Macau Chapter

11:45   Explore technology   practices with zero trust, zero friction and zero loss in the cloud 探索雲中零信任、零摩擦、零損失的技術落地 [View Presentation]
Liso Lv, EVP – Research, Cloud Security Alliance Greater China Region

12:15     Enabling Data Privacy in the Cloud [View Presentation]
Dr Meng-Chow Kang, CISSP, Member, ISC2 Advisory Council – Asia Pacific

12:45     Break

14:00     Making Possible a Zero Trust World You Can Always Trust [View Presentation]
Nick Ng, Head of Systems Engineering, Fortinet Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia

14:30     Continuous Risk Assessment and Access Control with Zero Trust Secure Access [View Presentation]
Alan Leung, Consultant, Trend Micro

15:00     CSA as a guiding STAR to Cybersecurity [View Presentation]
Daniele Catteddu, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security Alliance

15:30     Sangfor Hybrid Cloud – Your Cloud Transformer in Disguise [View Presentation]
David Chan, Systems Engineer Director, Sangfor

16:00     Security around sophisticated Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud Environment [View Presentation]
Matthew Wong, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

16:30     BeyondProd – A New Approach To Cloud Native Security [View Presentation]
Ken Zhang – Head of Security Greater China, Customer Engineering, Google Cloud



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