15:00 CSA Session

CSA as a guiding STAR to Cybersecurity
Daniele Catteddu, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security Alliance


With cloud finally entrenched as the primary IT system worldwide and cloud security now the foundation of cybersecurity programs, partnering with CSA is critical for organizations to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem. This session will shine a light on some of the strategic initiatives, exciting research, and innovative trainings coming out of the Cloud Security Alliance in the near and distant future. 

Speaker: Daniele Catteddu, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Security Alliance

Daniele Catteddu is an information security and risk management practitioner, technologies expert and privacy evangelist. He worked in several senior roles both in the private and public sector. Currently, he is the CTO, at Cloud Security Alliance, where he is responsible to drive the adoption of the organization technology strategy. Mr Catteddu is the co-founder of the CSA STAR Program. He is member of the Italian Standard National Delegation at ISO/IEC SC27.

He is member of the Scientific Committee of the European Privacy Association, lecturer at the Maastricht University Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity and is member of the Advisory Board of the CyberSecurity Center at the University of Kent. In past he worked at ENISA, European Cyber Security Agency, as Expert in areas of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection and Emerging and Future Risks.

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