Board of Directors

Chairman : Claudius Lam

Deputy-Chairman (Hong Kong) : Harry Pun

Deputy-Chairman (Macau) : Terry Cheung

Vice Chairman – Secretarial & Treasurer : Otto Lee

Vice Chairman – Membership & External Affairs : Vince Wan

  • Government Relationship Development Director : Dicky Wong
  • Membership (Events & Activities) Director : Henry Ng

Vice Chairman – Programs & Research : Samuel Ng

  • Research Director : Frank Chow

Vice Chairman – Professional Development: Ricci Ieong

  • Education Director (Hong Kong) : Kevin Liu
  • Education Director (Macau) : TBD
  • Certification Coordination Director : TBD

Immediate Past Chairman : Antony Ma

Board Members : Ian Christofis, Anthony Fung, Tobias Gondrom, Epsilon Ip, Mike Lo, Charles Mok, Vincent Ip

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