Cloud Controls Matrix v4 part 1 published in Q1 2021

Cloud Control Matrix is the core component used in providing the cloud security compliance check.

CCM v3.0.1 was initially released 6 years ago. CSA determined that it is time to revise and provide the community with vendor-neutral security and privacy control framework.

More controls are added and more guidelines will be extended from the CCM v4.

CCM v4 can be downloaded from

CCM Implementation Guidelines will be published Q2, 2021

CCM Auditing Guidelines will be published Q3, 2021

Refer to the blog in CSA,

CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event – January 2021

Year 2020 is over. Welcome 2021.

In this year Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong & Macau Chapter will continue to adopt the “New Normal” arrangement for our activities. In fact, with all your support in the last few months, it seems that with the new method, communication channel and sharing session time, more members and participants can enjoy the power of cloud computing. This year we will arrange more sharing both from cloud customers, cloud service providers and other experts.

“Start Big is always better to start with Big CSP player”. As you all know, Azure Cloud is one of the largest Cloud Service Providers, we have arranged the first sharing event with Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect in Hong Kong to cover DevOps Security Best Practices in Microsoft Azure.

Ms. Wai Man HUI, cloud solution architect will lead us through Azure’s DevOps Security Best Practices. During the talk, Wai Man will tell us more about DevOps with GitHub and Azure, how to protect secrets properly in Azure cloud environment. She will also tell us how to enhance security in Azure environment through demonstration in real life too.

The topics include :

– DevOps with GitHub And Azure
– Best practices for strong secret management
– How Key Vault can be used to enhance the security of your Azure environment

Please do not miss this opportunity to learn from the expert and get connected with your peers.

This is just the beginning of our cloud security journey in 2021. More sharing and event will be coming.

Participants will claim 1 CPE.

DATE: 28 January, 2021 (Thursday)

TIME: 12:30 – 01:30 pm

VENUE: Webinar (in Cantonese)

SPEAKER: Wai Man HUI, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft, Hong Kong

TOPIC: DevOps Security Best Practices with Microsoft Azure 


Wai Man HUI is a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft (Hong Kong) team that specialised in DevOps area. She worked on development and implementing business solution for company size from 50+ employees to 50,000+ employees. She also helps company in transforming their development and development workflow from traditional environment to cloud platform.