New updates about AWS Security events this week

This week is definitely an AWS Security Knowledge Sharing week. Just notice that there are actually 3 instead of just 2 knowledge sharing events as I mentioned in an earlier post.

There is another Cloud Security Series talk with AWS on 25 Mar 2021 at 5 – 6:30pm. The topic is Well-Architected for Security. You can register in this link.

Don’t miss that.

Two AWS Security Knowledge Sharing in a week

As updated in our previous post, CSA HKM chapter is going to organize our March Knowledge Sharing with AWS team on AWS Cloud Security Tips. If you have not register yet, remember to go to register that.

Besides, just knowing that CSA APAC is also going to organize a Cloud Security Series talk with AWS on 22 Mar 2021 at 5 – 7pm. The topic is Continuous Auditing and Compliance with AWS. You can register in this link.

Really fruitful AWS security week.

March Event Updates

Knowledge Sharing Event for Mar 2021 is on its way. AWS team will talk about tips in AWS security. It should be interesting. If you wish to listen to the AWS speakers’ previous talk, you can go to the TechConnect Series – Cloud Security. More cloud security talk can be found in the link. So don’t miss our technical in-depth talk by AWS.

Another important updates are the recent documents available for Peer-Review. CCM v4.0 has been published. That is just the first updates from CCM working group. In fact, some more useful and down to earth guidelines are on their way – Such as the CCM v4.0 Implementation Guidelines, CAIQ v4.0. These Guidelines are all available for Peer Review. Peer review will be opened until 14 Apr 2021. If you are interested, remember to start your review.

Other than that, there are more open peer reviews articles available from the link, your participations would definitely help.

Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) Updates

Many of you may have heard that CCAK – a certificate on Cloud Auditing that jointly developed by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA are readily available now and the examination will be available on 22 March 2021.

Study guide are already available in ISACA bookstore.

Live events about CCAK were conducted in LinkedIn Live by Daniele Catteddu, CTO at Cloud Security Alliance and Paul Philips, Technical Research Manager, ISACA.

For more details about CCAK, please check here in the link. You can also get more information from CSA’s Circle, in the CCAK community after you register to the CSA’s Circle.

Later CCAK Training will be conducted in Hong Kong and Macau Chapter too. Stay Tune.

Upcoming Events in February and March 2021

After Chinese New Year, many exciting activities and events are coming.

Firstly, on this coming Thursday (25 Feb 2021), we will have our knowledge sharing session by Zscaler on SASE and Zero Trust Model. Remember to register and join. More details can be found here.

Secondly, Information Security Summit – one of the most attractive, non-vendor driven, local Cybersecurity event will be held on March 9 – 10, 2021. This year, the Conference will be organised quite different from previous years due to the New Norm after Covid-19 virus. All the events will be organised online. Events and talks will be more interesting. Speakers from other countries will be conducting from other time zone to support us this year. For interactive panel discussion, some of the panelist will be discussing through the webinar from their home town on the topic – Challenge of Securing the New Norm – the Remote, Mobile, Decentralised and Virtual Business. Do register the conference and workshops. Do visit the link about the IS Summit 2021.

Periodically, CSA will have new publications. Recently CSA published the new report on Blockchains – Blockchains in the Quantum Era and report on IoT – CSA IoT Security Controls Framework v2. Stay tune with research from CSA.

Finally, Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) is coming. More information about the joint certification program with ISACA will be clarified soon. At this stage, 400+ pages study guide are available in ISACA store. Stay tune with CCAK site from CSA.

Cloud Controls Matrix v4 part 1 published in Q1 2021

Cloud Control Matrix is the core component used in providing the cloud security compliance check.

CCM v3.0.1 was initially released 6 years ago. CSA determined that it is time to revise and provide the community with vendor-neutral security and privacy control framework.

More controls are added and more guidelines will be extended from the CCM v4.

CCM v4 can be downloaded from

CCM Implementation Guidelines will be published Q2, 2021

CCM Auditing Guidelines will be published Q3, 2021

Refer to the blog in CSA,



軟體定義邊界(Software Defined Perimeter, SDP)是一個能夠為OSI七層協定棧提供安全防護的網絡安全架構,實現資產隱藏,並在允許連接到隱藏資產之前使用單個數據包通過單獨的控制和數據平面建立信任連接。 使用SDP實現的零信任網絡使組織能夠更好防禦新變種攻擊方法,以及改善企業所面臨攻擊面日益複雜和擴大的安全困境。

從本質上講,零信任是一種網絡安全概念,其核心思想是組織不應自動信任傳統邊界內外的任何事物,並旨在捍衛企業資產。 實施零信任需要在授予訪問許可權之前驗證所有嘗試連接到資產的事物,並在整個連接期間對會話進行持續評估。

軟體定義邊界(SDP)是零信任策略的最高級實現方案。 CSA已採用並宣導將以下結構應用於網絡連接:

  • 將建立信任的控制平面與傳輸實際數據的數據平面分開。
  • 使用動態全部拒絕(deny-all)防火牆(不是完全deny-all,而是允許例外)來隱藏基礎架構(例如,使伺服器變”黑”,不可見)
  • 丟棄所有未經授權的數據包並將它們用於記錄和分析流量。
  • 訪問受保護的服務之前,通過單包授權(SPA)協定來認證和授權使用者以及驗證設備。
  • 最小授權在此協定中是自帶的。



CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event – October 2020

Container environment is a hot topic in cloud environment especially cloud security area. So after previous two rounds of cloud usage and SaaS cloud security talk, we now start another interesting series of cloud security talk – Cloud Container security talk. We will start our talk from OpenShift and DevSecOps. That are two hot topics in Cloud Computing and Cloud Security Area.

This month we invited William Lok, CTO and Co-founder of TechNet HK to lead us through “Transforming DevOps to DevSecOps with Redhat OpenShift“.

Today, DevOps is an inevitable way to transform the enterprise into digital era and innovate into software company. William will prepare a demo on how a container application governed by series of tool chains and deploy on RedHat OpenShift.

On top of tool chains, William will share how the security perspectives can be fulfilled by transforming DevOps to DevSecOps Journey.

Please do not miss this opportunity to learn from the expert and get connected with your peers.

Participants can claim 1 CPE.

DATE: October 08, 2020 (Thursday)

TIME: 12:30 – 01:30 pm

VENUE: Webinar

SPEAKER: William Lok, CTO and Co-founder of TechNet HK

TOPIC: Transforming DevOps to DevSecOps with Redhat OpenShift


William Lok, CTO and co-founder of TechNet HK ( He leads the company technology visions and directions. He is a frequent speaker on DevOps seminars. He plays an active role in evangelizing opensource, multi-cloud and DevSecOps adoption for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan enterprises.


雲安全聯盟大中華區發佈 《雲計算的 11 類頂級威脅》

越來越多的企業正在將數據和應用程式遷移到雲中,這帶來了獨特的資訊安全挑戰。 保護企業在雲中數據的主要責任並不完全在於服務提供者,而主要在於客戶本身。 為了使組織對雲安全問題有新的瞭解,以便他們可以就雲採用策略做出有根據的決策,CSA 大中華區發佈了新版本的《雲計算的11類頂級威脅》(中文版),本報告主要關注11個與雲計算的共用、按需特性相關的問題。 以下是本報告關注的11個主要威脅:

7.不安全的介面和 API 。

拒絕服務共享技術漏洞以及雲服務提供者數據丟失和系統漏洞之類的問題已不在本報告之列。 這表明由雲服務提供者負責的傳統安全問題似乎已經有效的緩解。 相反我們看到更多的是需要解決那些位於技術棧更高層次的安全問題這些問題是高級管理層決策的結果。

在調查中評分最高的新專案更加細微表明消費者對雲的理解日益成熟。 這些問題本質上是雲計算的固有特性表明消費者正在積極考慮向雲遷移的技術環境。 這些主題涉及潛在的控制平面缺陷元結構和應用結構故障以及有限的雲可見性。 這些新的重點與以前的《 關鍵威脅Top Threats》報告中更為突出的通用威脅風險和漏洞(即數據丟失拒絕服務)明顯不同。

CSA大中華區希望本報告能夠提高組織對最重要的安全問題及其應對措施的認識並在為雲遷移和安全性制定預算時將其考慮在內。 該報告提供了控制建議和參考示例旨在供合規風險和技術人員使用管理層也能夠從本報告的技術趨勢和概述中受益。

下載報告:雲計算的 11 類頂級威脅



雲安全聯盟大中華區在810日舉辦的CSA Summit上發佈了《使用者自治數碼身份安全白皮書》該白皮書主要是針對於希望用DID來進行技術開發或者應用落地的專案或公司需要注意的一些安全與隱私的問題分析為什麼在新的數碼化轉型過程中DID能夠解決的痛點問題並對目前國際上已有的標準和案例進行介紹。