14:00 Sharing Session by Fortinet

Making Possible a Zero Trust World You Can Always Trust
Nick Ng, Head of Systems Engineering, Fortinet Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia

LANGUAGE: Cantonese

In this session we would share the trends driving the evolving digital economy such as Cloud and IoT, how these trends are contributing to the expanding threat landscape. The legacy security strategies no longer work to secure today’s modern infrastructures properly and remote workforce, a new security strategy is required. Fortinet leveraged the latest technological advances, including AI and ML, to keep organizations ahead of the evolving threat landscape. Fortinet Security Fabric incorporates new solution like ZTNA, FortiSASE, FortiCNP are the latest outcome of this commitment, helping Security teams to have a complete visibility into the cloud ecosystem, prioritize risk findings, shift from being reactive to proactive operation management to combat future cybersecurity.

The Speaker: Nick Ng, Head of Systems Engineering, Fortinet Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia

Nick Ng, with more than 15 years consulting experience in the cyber security industry, currently manages the cybersecurity consultant team in Hong Kong and provides security consultation to large and strategic enterprise in the regions. He was the public speaker in many security events, seminar and lecturer for customer security awareness program.

In 2018, he designed several Cyber Range competitions to train up IT officer with cybersecurity mindset and ability to defense latest hacking technique. In 2019, he hosted an online video channel of “1 min technology dictionary”. In 2021, he designed a CTF (capture the flag) competition to let participant understand Fortinet Security Fabric. His educational background includes Bachelor Degree in Information Engineering and Master of Science in Professional Accounting & Corporate Governance.

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