14:30 Sharing Session by Trend Micro

Continuous Risk Assessment and Access Control with Zero Trust Secure Access
Alan Leung, Consultant, Trend Micro

LANGUAGE: Cantonese

Zero Trust is an architectural approach and goal built on a foundation of every transaction, entity, and identity being untrusted until some basis for that trust is established and maintained continuously. Getting to zero is the ultimate goal and it needs to be maintained with future infrastructure and business changes. 

In this session you will learn how to strengthen your overall security posture by enforcing strong access control permissions from multiple identity services across the organization.

The Speaker: Alan Leung, Consultant, Trend Micro

Alan is a Consultant at Trend Micro – a Global leader in Cyber Security solutions. He provides Security advise and Technical consultation to Enterprise Customers.

Prior to joining Trend Micro, Alan was a Technology Consultant with more than 10 years of IT experience. He has strong technical background in datacentre, cloud and network security.

He also obtained the CCIE and a number of certificates in cyber security from a number of vendors.

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