ISACA Macau Seminar: Blockchain application, security and the future

ISACA Macau 2019
Blockchain has been identified as one of the most disruptive technologies. Apart from using as digital currency, it has been widely adopted for other applications in the past years. Some people said the popularity and the effect of Blockchain in business will be similar to the traditional accounting ledger which was a tool to support the boom of business hundreds of years ago.

ISACA Macau Chapter will organise a seminar to highlight the current adoption status both in Macau and Hong Kong and what we should be aware of from security perspective. The trend and the future of Blockchain and how to handle it properly will also be discussed with professionals in the region.

Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong & Macau Chapter is a joint organiser of the event.

DATE: May 16, 2019 (Thursday)
TIME: 2:15 – 5:30 pm
VENUE: Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center, Rua Comandante Mata e Oliveira 32, Edf. Ass. Industrial, 3º Andar, Macau

3 CPE hours will be awarded to the attendees.

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