CSA HKM Knowledge Sharing Event – December 2017

CSA Knowledge Sharing Event provides an excellent opportunity for cybersecurity professionals to discuss the latest trends and developments in IT and in the process build a close-knitted cybersecurity community in Hong Kong and Macau.

This month we have invited Dr Bradley Schatz, director of the independent digital forensics consultancy firm Schatz Forensic, to deliver a talk entitled “Live Cloud Forensics” when he will share with the audience on the new approach of live analysis and how partial physical acquisition can ba applied in the cloud environment.


With businesses increasingly migrating from on-premise to cloud based, forensics in and of the cloud is an increasing challenge. To date, the majority of work in the area has been academically focused, or adaptations of traditional methodologies to the cloud environment. The cloud environment imposes new constraints and opportunities around IO, processing power, and timeliness.

In this presentation, Dr Bradley Schatz will describe how the new approach of live analysis and partial physical acquisition can be applied in the cloud environment, with practical examples of how the methodology is being used by incident responders and forensic analysts across the globe. A case study of a real court case where it has been used in Australia will be presented.

Dr Bradley Schatz, Director, Schatz Forensic

Dr Bradley Schatz is the director of the independent digital forensics consultancy Schatz Forensic. Since the completion of a PhD in Digital forensics in 2007, his principal role has been as a practitioner of digital forensics in private practice, where he has served primarily legal clients in both civil and criminal matters. His evidence has been accepted as expert opinion in a range of courts within Australia. In 2008, Dr Schatz was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor at QUT, where he occasionally lectures & supervises doctoral students.

Bradley is regularly invited to present and deliver training internationally on the subject, and holds leadership roles in the leading peer review venues of the field; the DFRWS conference and the Journal of Digital Investigation. He has remained an active researcher advancing the field, and has published 15 peer reviewed academic papers and two book chapters all in the area of digital forensics.

The practical outcomes of his research have contributed to the mainstreaming of volatile memory analysis, and led to the commercialisation of the Evimetry forensic system, which is used by police, government and corporate forensic and IR teams globally.

Please do not miss this opportunity to learn from the expert and connect with your peers.

Participants can claim 1.5 CPE.

Event Details:

TOPIC: Live Cloud Forensics

DATE: December 6, 2017 (Wednesday)

TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

VENUE: Room Z414, Core Z, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom


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